Meet the Crew

Our diverse group of volunteers who reside at Hale Hualani have come together to provide a rich variety of ministry, activities, and relaxation for your benefit.



Combining these with a love for people and cultures, they naturally make guests feel welcomed, encouraged and well cared for.  Bud and Elaine, along with Candice and Kristen, have partnered with individuals and teams in their local faith community who are able to provide prayer ministry and inner healing sessions to guests at their request.

Bud and Elaine Smith

In November 2015, Bud and Elaine’s growing desire to move to Maui to start a retreat finally came to fruition. With the encouragement of their church, close friends, and family , they pursued their calling to bring peace and restoration to those in need. Both Bud and Elaine are life-long educators. With over 60 combined years in their professions, they have developed many skills which complement their spiritual gifts.


Candice has been afforded the blessing of joining the Lord’s heart for justice in helping rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking in several countries.  She counts it a privilege to witness the healing of the redeemed and restored. Candice has a call on her life to lead migration into the deeper parts of God and has a cry in her heart of ‘closer still’.  She is eager to see the ministers be ministered  to at Hale Hualani, as our guests are reacquainted with the worshiper inside each of them.  Candice loves to champion people in their God given identity and dreams.  Adventure and exploration tend to be her craft.  She considers the entire world to be her backyard.   Her prayer is to see the whole earth flooded with His Love, lost in His Presence, and awakened into His likeness.

Candice Bond (on left of photo)

Candice is a seeker of God's presence and a seeker of the gold in people. As a treasure hunter and freedom fighter, Candice has purposed to lend her life to loving God and loving people. Candice has spent the last 20 years’ treasure hunting in the hearts of young people via therapeutic boarding schools, youth pastoring, and in para-church ministries for at risk youth.  Candice is passionate about seeing the spirit of reconciliation move in individuals and families.  Candice believes that if you partner with the Lord in giving someone a grid for their heart they will also be given a map for their life.

Most of all, Kristen loves community and finds that we are better when we live in real and vulnerable connection with one another. In this way we remind each other of who we really are as Children of God.

Kristen Adams

Kristen has been a Registered Nurse by trade for 11 years, but her favorite forms of medicine are laughter, prayer, and food! Laughter is one of her favorite pastimes. Don't let this fool you though, as she is a comforter at heart and enjoys providing a safe, non-judgmental place for openness, tears, and prayer. As an added bonus Kristen has trained as a Natural Therapeutic Chef, and used this as a means of bringing healing through food.

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