Partnerships Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!

We rely heavily upon our partners to ensure a safe and loving environment

in which those in need can find respite


Ministry Partners


Hale Hualani is a partner ministry of New Hope Maui Church.PastorseDwayne  and Janet Betstil and the church family partner with Hale

Hualani in a variety of giftings and ministries.


Individuals and/or teams from our faith community may offer:






Epic Center and Eagle Mountain in Bend, Oregon commissioned and prophetically blessed us as Hale Hualani

was launched.  Both communities continue to encourage, support and pray for us.


*prophetic ministry  *live worship

*healing prayer        *massage

*cooking therapy      *inner healing

*art                           *dream casting

Intercessory Partnership


   Why does prayer work?

The answer seems as complex and simple as this, “God is relational”.  He always has been and always will be.        Prayer was His example and design to invite us into a partnership with Him.  Jesus taught us to pray many things.  Among them He asked us to pray to the Father for His will to be done and for His kingdom to come to earth as it is in heaven.  In partnering in prayer with God we get to join in seeing His heart, love, and presence released among us   Jesus said that His house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.


It is our desire at Hale Hualani to be a place where Heaven comes close, darkness flees, and His presence stays.  We desire to be a place of habitation for the Lord among His people.  We realize that this will not take place by accident but rather through the will of the Father, the kindness of Jesus, and the nearness of Holy Spirit.  Our privilege is in the asking and His delight is in the rewarding.


Will you consider joining with us in prayer for His presence, our guests, and our team as we move forward with His heart? Often times the strategies of Heaven are revealed in times of intentional intercession and we are clear that this endeavor cannot and should not be a solo journey but rather a conglomeration of fellow sojourners.  We welcome His voice and your prayers.

Financial Partners


Donate financially via our tax-deductible third party


website: Church of New Hope Maui


Step 1: Explore the Site


If you would like to assist us financially, please follow the link below. This will take you to our fiscal sponsor, NewHope Maui, where your donation will be securely processed via PayPal.

Go to


Please feel free to view the website of this vibrant church as well. If you live in or are visiting Maui, we welcome

you to visit one of our services or Ohana gatherings.


Step 2: Locate Give On-line

To ensure that your donation is directed towards Hale Hualani, go to the Give On-line

(tithes and offering tab) on the lower right hand corner of their website.


Step 3: Donate

In the donate screen under the prompt “Purpose”, please type in "Hale Hualani Restricted Fund."



Thank you for Partnering with Hale Hualani!!